6 Reasons to love linen tablecloths

Love Linen Tablecloths

So many benefits of linen tablecloths .. where do I start?

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. And one of the most loved.  Throughout history, it has been a favorite of the wealthy and powerful. Priests have used it for their vestments. Egyptian mummies were often found wrapped in linen for its durability and symbolic meaning of wealth. Dyed flax fibres found in a cave in Southeastern Europe suggest that linen was used over 30,000 years ago.

OK … so it’s old.  But let’s look at WHY linen has been loved for so many years. 

1: Long Live Linen

Linen is considered one of the strongest natural fibres in the world. 30% thicker and stronger than cotton, which makes linen super durable. Linen fabric is resistant to wear and tear and doesn’t lose its shape.  No wonder linen is seen as a family heirloom, often passed down through generations.

2: Here’s to Health

Linen is famous for its antibacterial properties. This lovely fabric is hypoallergenic therefore it is suitable for those with allergies or sensitive skin. This is because harsh chemicals or pesticides are not usually used in the production of linen fabrics.

Linen wicks moisture and dries out much faster than cotton, so bacteria can’t build up. By using linen tablecloths, you can wave goodbye to pesky dust mites and other germs. Allergy sufferers report feeling better when using linen in their surroundings. 

3: Planet Friendly

Linen is one of the “greenest” fabrics around. Linen is made from the resilient flax plant which can happily grow in poor-quality soil. It needs much less water than other plants like cotton.

The great thing about flax is that every part of the plant is used. That means absolutely zero wastage. Apart from linen, other products made from flax include linseed oil and food for livestock. No pesticides are needed for cultivation. So, linen is organic, biodegradable and recyclable. What’s not to love?

Eco-friendly sustainable linen

4: Easy Care (no .. really!)

Forget the myth that linen is hard to care for or needs too much ironing.  Linen is one of the few fabrics where you actually want to see a few creases throughout the fabric. It is part of its charm and complements the naturally textured look of the fabric. If you choose a linen tablecloth, put away the iron and embrace the creases. The result will be a relaxed, effortless look that always looks beautiful.

5: Linen Tablecloths “Taste” Better

Now that I have your attention … obviously, that’s not true.  The linen tablecloth does not taste better, but the meal you serve on it probably will.  How your food looks influences how people perceive the taste.  We eat with our eyes. 

And the presentation of your table also influences the enjoyment of the meal. The dining experience begins with what people see. Linen tablecloths are beautifully elegant and serve as the perfect backdrop to present your food. Deliver a feast for the eyes as well as for the stomach.

6: Hey Good Looking

OK, I might be biased, but I think linen tablecloths are outright winners in the beauty department.  It’s obvious linen has its own distinct style that differs from other fabrics. Because it’s so porous, linen can easily be dyed or printed with rich colors. The designers use linen as a canvas to create the most stunning designs.  Just look at our range of printed linen tablecloths – they are a work of art.

A backyard picnic, high tea on a terrace, a casual get together with family or formal dinner with friends will all feel more special when set with beautiful linen tablecloths, napkins and runners.

See why I love linen tablecloths?  Linen tablecloths and matching napkins really are the ultimate mix of style, durability and sustainability.