Can you help?

The Business

French Affair sells European tablecloths and homewares online and at pop-up shops and festivals in Sydney.  

I’m a sole trader and run most of the business on my own. My partner is bed-bound with severe chronic fatigue syndrome, so I like to minimise the time I’m away from him as I’m his sole carer. That’s why I sometimes need some extra help.

The Role

I’m looking for someone to help me load in and out of shopping centres where I have my pop-up shop.  I have bookings at centres on the North Shore including St. Ives Shopping Village, Gordon Centre and Greenwood Plaza in North Sydney.

All equipment and stock is in my van in the loading bay.  I provide a small flat top hand trolley and we usually borrow a shopping trolley for odd shaped items. You unload the trestle tables, display equipment and boxes of stock and wheel them to the pop-up shop location in the centre. This involves a number of trips. I start to set up immediately while you bring everything in. 

When everything is unloaded, you help with a few set-up tasks like assembling some display stands.

Depending on the centre, the whole process takes between 30 to 40 minutes.

And then, a few weeks later, when the pop-up shop is finished, you help me load it all out.  Everything is packed up and you bring it all back out to the loading bay while I put it all in the van.

You don’t need to provide any equipment (although if you had a larger flat top trolley, it would probably make the job quicker!) You need to have your own transport to get to the centre and also to travel between the centres when there’s a double shift.

I have a senior student who does this for me at the moment, but his family are moving back to France soon, so I need to find someone new.

The Hours

Loading in and out usually happens late on a Sunday afternoon.  Very occasionally, it might be on a Saturday afternoon.

For the next few months, this might happen once or twice in a month. From October to December, it’s often double shifts, meaning we load out of one shopping centre and then immediately drive to another one to load in.

The first dates I need are:

  • Sunday, May 26th at Greenwood Plaza – 1.30pm
  • Sunday, June 16th at Gordon Village – 3.00pm
  • Saturday, June 22nd at Gordon Village – 5pm.


I currently pay $30 for each single job and $60 for a double job (where we load out of one centre and then into another).

My current helper has an ABN and I pay  immediately on invoice. This is the ideal situation. However, if you don’t have an ABN, we can look at alternative options such as payrolling you, or perhaps paying in vouchers.    


Does this sound like the perfect job for you?  If so, I’d love to hear from you. Just let me know and ask any questions on messenger or by email

Thanks again for your interest. 🙂