Fête de la Musique

Fete de la Musique

Fête de la Musique is the largest international live music event in the world. Developed by the French Government in 1982, Fête is held in over 700 cities across the globe. Every year, on June 21st, the fun begins. The aim of the event are simple: to make music everywhere, to celebrate music and to expose as many people to music as possible.

An International Charter is the common link for more than 110 countries that participate in this music event. Musicians and venues donate their time. They are supported by a small army of volunteers, all in the spirit of making and celebrating music.

Fête de la Musique provides a performance platform for all people who love making music. Perhaps you are a professional musician who has been playing for years. Or you may be an aspiring performer looking for a chance to try out your skills. Everyone is welcome to join in.

How Did It Begin?

The idea was first broached in 1976 by American musician Joel Cohen. At the time, he was employed by the national French radio station, France Musique.

Cohen proposed an all-night music celebration for the summer solstice. The idea was taken up by French Music and Dance director Maurice Fleuret and Jack Lang, the Minister of Culture. And so in Paris in 1982, the event began.

Its purpose is to promote music in two ways:

  • Amateur and professional musicians are encouraged to perform in the streets. The slogan Faites de la musique (Make music), a homophone of Fête de la Musique, is used to promote this goal.
  • Many free concerts are organised, making all genres of music accessible to the public. Two of the caveats to being sanctioned by the official Fête de la Musique organisation in Paris are that all concerts must be free to the public, and all performers donate their time for free.

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