Je t’aime – French terms of endearment

Je t'aime

If French is the language of romance, what better language is there to declare your love?

French has all kinds of interesting terms of endearment, including a rather odd assortment of barnyard animals. Can you imagine saying “my little flea” with affection in English?

Check out this list from “” of French terms of endearment to use with your loved ones.

You can add the word petit/e (little) in front of most of these: mon petit chou, ma petite chatte, etc. And you can add en sucre (made of sugar) to the end of some: mon trésor en sucre, mon coeur en sucre, etc.

Note that the possessive adjectives mon and ma (my) have to agree with the gender of the term of endearment – not your own gender nor necessarily that of the person you’re talking to/about. Generally speaking, masculine terms of endearment can be used for men and women, while feminine terms of endearment can only be used for women.

French Terms of Endearment

mon jésus – my Jesus (for children)

mon lapin – my rabbit

ma loutre – my otter

mon loup – my wolf

ma mie literally “my female friend,” but used to mean “my dear/love.” (A somewhat old-fashioned term contracted from mon amie > m’amie > ma mie. Note mie also refers to the soft part of bread – the opposite of the crust.)

mon mignon – my cutie

mon mimi – my pussycat (informal)

mon minet / ma minette – my pussycat

mon minou – my kitty

ma moitié – my half

mon petit / ma petite – my little guy / girl

ma poule – my hen

mon poulet – my chicken

ma poulette my little chicken (informal)

ma poupée – my doll

mon poussin – my chick (informal)

ma puce – my flea (informal)

mon sucre d’orge – my barley sugar

mon trésor – my treasure

mon trognon – my (fruit) core (for children)

mon amour – my love

mon ange – my angel

mon bébé – my baby

ma belle my beautiful (informal)

ma biche – my doe

ma bichette – my little doe

ma caille – my quail (informal)

mon canard – my duck

mon chaton – my kitten

ma chatte – my cat (familiar)

mon cher, ma chère – my dear

mon chéri, ma chérie – my dearie

mon chou – my cabbage, my pastry (informal)

mon chouchou – my favorite, blue-eyed boy/girl, teachers pet

mon cochon – my pig

mon coco – my egg

ma cocotte – my hen (informal)

mon cœur – my heart

ma crotte – my dropping (also refers to a small, round goat cheese)

ma fifille – my little girl (informal, old-fashioned)

mon grand / ma grande – my big guy / girl

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