How to choose the right size tablecloth

How To Choose The Right Size Tablecloth

Your table is at the heart of so many memorable moments. Rowdy family celebrations, fun get-togethers with friends, relaxing dinners with your partner and even those quiet times with just you and a cuppa.

How you dress your table can elevate even the most ordinary event to a special occasion.

A tablecloth should be beautiful and functional. The perfect blend of style and substance. 

The biggest challenge many people have is working out the right size tablecloth for their table. Whoever said size doesn’t matter was very wrong.

Tablecloths are like clothes for your table. To look their best, they need to fit and suit the occasion. 

How to measure your table for a tablecloth

First, grab the tape and measure the dimensions of your tabletop.

For square and rectangle tables, you need the width and length. You can also do this for an oval table, measuring the widest and longest sections of the table. For a round table, measure across the top for the diameter. Easy.

Then comes the part many people struggle with.

How much overhang for your tablecloth

How much overhang? 

The length of your tablecloth drop will affect, not just the look of your dining setting, but also how it functions. So, it’s important to get it right. Around 20cm is average. But for more details read my blog post on the ideal overhang for your tablecloth.

To create symmetry, it’s ideal if you have the same amount of drop all around the table. However, a few cm difference on the width or the length will not really be noticeable. 

To come up with your ideal tablecloth size, add TWO times the overhang (to allow for each side) onto the dimensions of your table. 

So, if your rectangle or oval table is 200cm x 100cm and you want a 25cm overhang, your ideal tablecloth is: 

    Length:  200cm + (2 x 25cm) = 250cm

    Width: 100cm + (2 x 25cm) = 150cm

For a round table of 140cm where you want a 20cm overhang, your calculations would look like this:

    140cm + (2 x 20cm) = 180cm diameter tablecloth

Made to measure tablecloths

Customers tell me their next challenge is they can’t find a tablecloth in the size they want. French Affair to the rescue. We have the largest range of ready-made tablecloth sizes in Australia, including difficult-to-find round tablecloths.

Note the sizes on the website refer to the size of the tablecloth, not your table. That’s why you need to measure your table and add on the overhang you want. 

We can also custom make to your specifications. French Affair import a range of stunning French linen fabrics and easy-care coated fabrics from Europe. This means your made-to-measure tablecloth can be as long as you like and up to massive three metres wide. That’s HUGE!

Get in touch with us for a quote on a tablecloth to perfectly fit your ‘hard to buy for’ table.

2 thoughts on “How to choose the right size tablecloth

  1. Jenny Kovacic says:

    Hell to all at French Affair, the table I use most these days is oblong 35” by 59” with a 5” drop what size should I order please.
    Kind regards Jenny K

    • Sue McGary says:

      Thanks Jenny, In metric, your table is approx 88cm x 150cm, so with a 13cm drop, your ideal tablecloth size is 114cm x 176cm. This is not a standard size, but I can custom make in most of the fabrics to suit your table. I’ll send you an email as we can work out which fabric you would prefer.

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