The ultimate eco-friendly tablecloth

Eco-friendly tablecloth

How a coated tablecloth can help save the planet

When you think about coated tablecloths, you may not associate them with environment-friendly products.  Can a tablecloth coated with acrylic protection be eco-friendly?


If you care about the planet and would like an eco-friendly tablecloth, here are some things to consider.

An investment in quality

A superior quality tablecloth is a little more expensive, but can last a lifetime. Imagine being able to leave your tablecloth permanently on your table. No need to worry about stains or grime. No endless washing, drying and ironing.

Those cheap tablecloths from the discount shop look like a great buy. But after just a few washes, the colour starts to fade, the seams come apart and the fabric shows signs of wear. Not such a bargain anymore.

Some customers have told us their French Teflon coated tablecloths are still going strong after fifteen or twenty years! That’s the difference when you invest in quality.

Low maintenance

Did you know?

Front loading washers use up to 75% less water and up to 85% less energy than typical top loaders. They cost about $100 more than top loaders but they can often save $100 a year or more – every year.

The same thing applies to your tablecloth: invest a bit more money and you can reduce the ongoing costs associated with washing and ironing. Not only will it save you time but choosing wisely will have a positive impact on your budget.

A coated tablecloth repel liquids, including coffee or wine. Just wipe any spill or greasy stain with a damp cloth and it’s gone. You may want to machine-wash your tablecloth every three or four months, just to freshen in up. That’s the ultimate in low maintenance.

Let’s compare that to a plain fabric tablecloth.  Even if you wash your tablecloth immediately after a wine or gravy ‘incident’, you may still end up with a permanent stain. Throwing away a tablecloth or adding it to the rag pile can be heartbreaking as well as damaging to your wallet.  

What about the time and effort it takes to soak, wash, dry and iron a tablecloth between each use? So much energy wasted when you could be having a cup of tea with friends while admiring your forever-clean Teflon coated tablecloth. Doesn’t it make sense to invest a few dollars more?

Let’s compare a tablecloth simply made from fabric and a coated tablecloth:

Washing Teflon coated tablecloths

Plain fabric tablecloth

Coffee spill. Oh nooooo!

Panic! Remove tablecloth urgently

Soak tablecloth

Fingers crossed the stain will disappear

Laundry time again

Machine wash 52 times a year

Tumble dry or line dry

Iron every week

Put back on table

Wonder if there’s a better way!

Coated tablecloth

Coffee spill, oh well.

Leave tablecloth on table

Wipe coffee spill with damp cloth

Stain gone. Relax. Have another cuppa.

Occasional washing

Machine wash four times a year

Dry on a line

Iron on reverse side if needed

Put back on table

Admire. Do something fun.

Kind to the planet

The ongoing use of water, washing powders and electrical devices eats into your household budget, and it has a negative impact on the planet. Buying low quality fabrics is also a problem. They don’t last and pile up in landfill as far as the eye can see. Buying long-lasting products that don’t fall apart and require low maintenance is a much better option.

A coated tablecloth lasts for years. Simply follow the easy-care instructions and the liquid repelling coating will protect it from unwanted spills and stains. You’ll use less water, less electricity, less detergents, less of you own energy, and have all the time in the world to enjoy cooking, reading, and planting trees.

A happier you and a happier planet!

Tablecloths low maintenance

Buy your own coated tablecloth

See our huge range of styles and sizes in coated tablecloths. They are available in round, square and rectangle. You’re sure to find one just right for you.

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