Behind the scenes: French Affair’s linen tablecloths star in movie

Anyone But You Linen Tablecloth

Have you ever dreamed of being in a movie? Secretly wished you were part of a Hollywood blockbuster? Wanted to see yourself on the big screen?

That fantasy has become a reality.

For my linen tablecloths.

“Anyone But You” opened in cinemas on Boxing Day 2023 and has already made over US$100 million at the box office.  The romantic comedy stars Top Gun: Maverick actor, Glen Powell, Euphoric’s Sydney Sweeney and French Affair’s natural linen tablecloths.

Anyone But You

How did my gorgeous French linen tablecloths find their way into a Hollywood movie?

Let me take you behind the scenes. In February 2023, I received a phone call with an unusual request. Tania, the props buyer for a major movie being shot in Sydney needed tablecloths. LOTS of tablecloths! Twenty extra-large linen tablecloths to fit generously sized round and rectangle tables.

Tania wanted 260cm round tablecloths and the rectangle tablecloths needed to be extra wide and four metres long.

Anyone But You French Linen Tablecloth

To help Tania make the right choice, I sent generous fabric swatches allowing her to match the colour to other set elements.

The scene was an elegant outdoor wedding reception with a breath-taking ocean view. The director had specific instructions: the tablecloths had to gracefully cover the tables without bunching up too much on the ground. Custom-making tablecloths for round tables was a breeze, but the challenge lay in the precision required for the rectangle ones. Worried about potential issues, I suggested rounding the corners to prevent them pooling on the ground.

We were also concerned the windy location could play havoc with the drop. Tania researched possible solutions and I experimented sewing a weighted cord into the hem so they would drape nicely and not blow up in the wind. I sent a prototype to Tania so she could show the director. They loved it!

French linen tablecloths for movie

Tania was also talking with other possible suppliers including a large, well-known linen brand, but French Affair clinched the deal.  Here’s why:

  • We provide a custom-made solution so they weren’t restricted to standard sizes.
  • Our linen tablecloths can be up to 300cm wide, so much wider than most other suppliers are able to provide.
  • Unlike many other companies, I custom-make the tablecloths myself in Sydney, not in Asia. This means I offer fast turn-around times of days not weeks.
  • Tablecloths are my specialty, so I can easily spot and address potential issues before they become a headache.
  • Tania was impressed with my friendly, pro-active, solution-focused approach.

Movies are a complicated business. There were a number of last-minute client changes that were happily accommodated to ensure we got the best result.

Anyone But You French Linen Tablecloths

To complete the awesome customer experience, the twenty custom-made tablecloths were finished ahead of schedule and delivered to a delighted client.  Here’s what Tania had to say about working with French Affair:

“I contacted Sue with a challenging film decorating project. The brief involved supplying a large quantity of bespoke tablecloths with short lead times. There were many stakeholders with opinions and last minute changes ensued. Throughout the process Sue was proactive and a joy to deal with. Her efficient communication and upbeat manner in the face of significant challenges was noticed and appreciated. The final result was beautiful. Thank you Sue for all your kind attention and for our beautiful linen tablecloths.”

Almost a year later, you can now see them on the big screen.  Watch out for French Affair’s natural linen tablecloths in the wedding reception scene of “Anyone But You” in cinemas now.

Of course, if you need a custom-made tablecloth solution, worthy of a blockbuster movie, just get in touch.  I’d love to help create some Hollywood magic in your home.

Anyone But You Linen Tablecloths

3 thoughts on “Behind the scenes: French Affair’s linen tablecloths star in movie

  1. Helene Goldberg says:

    Sue, how wonderful!!! Congratulations! They look fabulous, and I now have to go see the movie. Just to see your beautiful cloths! I know the quality and gorgeousness of your cloths, having a couple of your really large ones in my linen cupboard. And I am not surprised at all by the lovely comments you received, you’re one of a kind really when it comes to customer service. Nothing is too hard, or too.. well, anything! So, only one question… now you’ve done Hollywood, where to next?

    • Sue McGary says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Helene. So pleased you love your linen tablecloths. I must admit being in a Hollywood movie was not something I’ve ever aspired to, but I’m delighted it happened – even if it was just for my tablecloths. 🙂

  2. Amy W says:

    This is amazing! Customer service goes a long way and your tablecloths are wonderful.
    Can’t wait to spot them in the movie!

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